Please fill out the Kitten Inquiry form if you would like to be considered for
for one of our kittens.   We are now taking $125 deposits on kittens that
are born just no pictures posted yet.  Once the pictures are posted at 3-4
weeks old pick kittens are chosen in the order that the deposits were
accepted.  Remaining  non-refundable deposit is due along with the
contract within 7 days of picking a kitten.
1st Step
3rd Step
2nd Step
print & mail
What comes with each
- neuter/spay
- shots pertaining to age
- FeLV/FIV testing of one
kitten per litter
- pedigree           
- samples of food
Please read "Preparing
For Your Kitten" to the
right of this page.
this to preserve the
lines we have worked so
hard to promote.  But
the most important in
our minds is we have
taken the worry of
having this procedure
done for you prior to
purchasing your
precious companion.  
Sadly to say, Kittens are
lost during the
neuter/spay procedure
and we would rather it
happen to us than you.
The other factor is the
cost of the neuter/spay.  
Depending on where
you live and who the
veterinarian is you will
have to take your kitten
in for a checkup
($45-$55) then in for
another appointment to
neuter/spay ($125-$195)
along with the worry that
something will happen
to your precious
companion in the
Please keep this in mind
when you are looking to
purchase your lifetime
Once you have picked
your kitten and have
confirmed that there is a
HOLD for you on the
kitten you requested
proceed to step 3.
Click on each kittens picture to see a slide

Deposits being taken now for the newest
litter, pick in the order the deposits are
Initial Deposit of $125 if
you want to be in the
pick/pass process