To often those of us who are blessed don't share what we have and take for granted
our every day experiences.  For those who have limited capabilities or are
handicapped in some way; the smallest act of kindness can mean the world to
them.  So for all of you who are blessed, please share your blessings.


In the Spring of 07' we decided to promote our palomino
stallion, King of Diamonds, and the mountain pleasure horse
breed at the PA Horse Expo in Harrisburg.  It was to be King's
very first public appearance and only his 3rd trailer ride.

We brought King home as a 1 year old colt from the Curren's
Mountain Horse Acres where he was bred and raised and
hadn't been off our farm until he was sent for training and from
training straight to the Expo.  King is a trail rider's dream.  
Short enough that I don't hit all the spider webs that everyone
else missed; stocky legs for brush whacking and a smooth 4
beat lateral gait that could rock you all day long.  King
exemplifies the traits of the mountain horse with his
intelligence, gentle disposition and a gait to rock your babies

King was shown in Stallion Avenue and the Breed Demo to
represent the Mountain Pleasure and Kentucky Mountain
Breeds.  While on display in Stallion Avenue, little children
were invited into his stall to pet him and we constantly had
lines waiting to give him attention.  Late Saturday afternoon,
in front of King's stall, I noticed a physically challenged young
woman in a wheel chair with her arm in the air as if she
wanted to touch him.  She wasn't able to articulate but I could
tell that this is what she wanted.

I asked April Smith, King's trainer, if she would help to bring
him out into the isle so that the young lady could touch him.  (I
hope nobody from the Expo ever reads this, I'll be black listed
and never invited back!)  King just stood there, calm as could
be, looking at this contraption (wheel chair) that was wheeling
up to him (he had never seen one in his life) and just looked
while this young lady touched his belly and shoulder.  With all
the people surrounding us, there was total silence.  To this
day, I'm not sure if everyone was quiet because they were
worried he was going to do something or if it was as moving
experience for them as it was for us.

I'm pretty sure that if I could have seen past the blur in my
eyes I might have seen more tears than just ours. The look on
her face is something that I will remember for a long, long
time.  I know that those of you who own Mountain Horses are
just nodding your heads as if this is an every day occurrence
because it is.  I am sure there are other breeds of horses that
the breeders would have had the same confidence in their
young stallions, but I am sure there are some that would
probably have had a very different experience, dancing and
shying even going ballistic upon seeing and experiencing
something like this for the first time.  People surrounding and
milling around; but for those of us who own mountain horses,
we know that this is typical even for a 3 year old.

On this day we know that his sire "Goldfinger's Star" would
have been proud to call him "son".  We are all proud of his sire
as Goldfinger's Star is the official flag horse for the state of
Kentucky.  We thank God every day for giving us such a
wonderful companion to care for; everyone needs one of these
gentle giants in their pasture.