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Home of the Mountain Horses
Miniature Horses
handling and riding.  When searching for our breeding stock we have chosen not
only  the old time bloodlines but we looked for gait, temperament and horses that
are people oriented.  When we place our horses we are looking for owners that
share our love for the horse and are looking to make it a true companion.

We are partial to  the mountain horses specifically the Mountain Pleasure Horse,
Rocky Mountain Horse, and the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse because of their
gentle dispositions and intelligence.  Another of the gaited horses to check out are
the Tennessee Walkers which also performs 3 very
smooth gaits.  If you are looking into the Walkers make sure that it is the Pleasure
Walker as there are no artificial aids used to make them perform their natural gait.  
In Pennsylvania contact the Pennsylvania Pleasure Walking Horse Association
The registries that represent the Mountain Horse are the  Mountain Pleasure Horse
Association, Kentucky Mountain Horse
Association,  Rocky Mountain Horse Association
, and the United Mountain Horse  or the American Gaited Mountain Horse  If your from the EAST and would like to join
a club that promotes all the mountain horse breeds you can contact the Northeast
Mountain Horse Club, Inc. .   Each registry
has adopted their own defining characteristics concerning height and coloring but
they all perform the natural 4-beat lateral gait.  If you are in the market for a horse
please make sure to check out these awesome horses.  The mountain horse is
intelligent,  gentle and very curious and they make great trail horses.  

Thank you for taking the time to visit us, hope to meet on the trail sometime,  
Happy Trails!

Randy & Kathy
Drawing by Kassia Halteman
This is a creation
from a special friend,
who is not only
talented but shares
her talent
generously.  Thank
you Gaby for a
picture I will
treasure always.
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